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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that we haven’t answered below , Please feel free to email us at
After calling our office at 325-676-5886 to schedule an appointment, come to our office at 2041 S. Treadaway in Abilene, Texas. Bring your driver's license or other PHOTO i.d. with you. We accept cash, check, money order, credit or debit cards. The rental process will take approximately 15 minutes. We will give you a cylinder lock, at no charge, to place on your unit. Once you have completed the rental process, you will be given a personal access gate code to enter the storage facility located on Beltway South (FM 707). You may click on "Tenant Information Sheet" in the right column, print, then fill out this form, and bring it with you to our office. This will help expedite the rental process.

Our rental policy is structured on a month-to-month basis. On the day you rent your unit, you are required to pay your first month's rent that day. Even if you occupy the unit LESS than one month, that first month cannot be refunded. After the first month of tenancy, as long as your account status is current, you may move out at anytime. Once we receive notification of such, and a refund is requested, our computer system will prorate any amount to be refunded to you over $20.00.

This is a very difficult question. A lot of this depends, of course, on how you put items into a unit. Of course, if you stack the items to the roof, you can fit more in the unit. We generally use a 10' X 20' unit as a guideline. That's about the size of a one car garage. We have both smaller and larger units to choose from at various prices.

Our rental office is NOT open on weekends. However, we are open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, including the noon hour. Our storage facility is OPEN for tenants allowing 24 hr. access 7 days per week.

No, you may not. According to the Texas Self Storage Association, the person who signs the rental agreement will be responsible for the unit being rented. Therefore, if a unit needs to be in a particular person's name, that person must be present in our office to sign the rental agreement.

With that said, once the unit has been rented by an individual, with both parties present in our office, a form may be filled out and the unit transferred at that time.

Our facility allows you 24 hour access to your stored items. With the customer in mind, we strive to provide you with the most pleasant storage experience possible.

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